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Building Bridges

At Dream Factory we make more than just beautiful imagery. We look beyond the surface  to discover and reveal the “why” our clients do what they do.  Then we build the bridge to the “what,”

We  work with individuals, organizations, and business’ that are driven by passion and committed to more than the obvious reasons for doing business.

Show Reel


Thirteen Percent (2012) is our latest feature-length documentary film.  We  went onto a 20-month journey, traveling over the wide expanse from Miami, Florida to the Bronx, New York City-all in the quest to find an answer to how 13% of America’s population of over 315 million people annually register as 50% of those newly contracting HIV/AIDS?

Thirteen Percent has won acceptance in DocMiami and the San Diego Black Film Festivals:

DocMiamiFF 2012 1 223x300 Documentary sdbff 300x229 Documentary

Thirteen Percent has been licensed to:

aspire banner 300x193 Documentary rt english 300x168 Documentary

The film is also available through Snag Films at:

Press clips:

We welcome you to view our commercial and extended trailer, and the online screener.




p10104 Documentaryp10104 DocumentaryIn the Beginning

stars and planets in color sky 1920x1200 300x187 Documentary

In the Beginning is a co-production between Dream Factory and I Wunder Photographics ( ) that’s designed as a series of short documentaries which delve into the origin of many every day products and services that we take for granted.  The story of Coffee is the first in the series.


w Giant Coffee Cup75917 200x200 Documentary


Visumes are today’s savvy business professional’s way to effectively communicate to a prospective employer his/her unique set of talents and skills.

Ted Smith (Long Version) Long & Foster Realty

Ted Smith (1 Minute Version)

Ted Smith (30-Second Spot)

Sankara McCain,  (Version II)

John Long, CEO, President, Alexandria Chamber of Commerce

For more information on arranging to shoot  your own Visume, call: 404-344-0577




Start the Conversation

13 72911 11 300x202 Start the Conversation

Utilizing the documentary film 13 Percent as the catalyst to promote unscripted  commentary from the viewing audience, we have launched the Start the Conversation Media Campaign.

Following each live screening of the film,  participant’s comments will be captured on video,  edited to 30 second PSAs (public service announcements), and uploaded to the Start the Conversation website.

Every PSA will also be linked by each participant to over 150 direct contacts from their email address book, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

 PSAs will fall into one of four categories:

  •  Medical
  •  Faith
  •  Political/Social Activist
  •  Media

 Content related blogs will be established for each category to allow viewers to continue the conversation online.

 This will be a month-long film screen campaign will be conducted by having two film screenings per week at targeted medical colleges, churches, city agencies, and local media outlets.

 An anticipated 20 PSAs and 3,000 new viewers will be attracted to the Start the Conversation website each week. By the end of the month long Atlanta Start the Conversation Film Screening Campaign 80 PSAs will be posted to the website, and 16,000 new people will become engaged in discussion on the silent pandemic that is slowly consuming America’s black and Latino communities.

Start the Conversation PSA 1


Start the Conversation PSA 2


Another salient feature of the Start the Conversation Media Campaign is the creation of our “mascot” that personifies this disease in a way that young people will be able to relate to. Below is the first in a series of  “You know me… I’m Mr. HIV,” poster and PSA campaign.

Mr. HIV Sample 1a 300x168 Start the Conversation


Spirit Graphic 2 300x225 SpiritLength: 125 Minutes

Program Formula: Docudrama

The horrors of the longest lasting human holocaust, better known as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, endured for over 400 years. Prevailing images of Africans subjected to unimaginable cruelties in the West, aside from small pockets of resistance, depict them as helpless sheep lured into that dark abyss known as “slavery.”

Spirit is a stirring account about the uncompromising will of 500,000 African slaves who rose from their knees, stood erect, looked their “masters” in their eyes, and took back their freedom. This is an epic tale of an “underdog” people, facing insurmountable odds, who mobilized themselves during the last decade of the 18th Century to become the world’s most disciplined and dominant military fighting force at the turn of the 1800s.

Set on the Caribbean island of Saint Domingue, this tumultuous multinational conflict involving Holland, France, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States, ranks as the very First World War. At its center isa rag-tag army of Africans who challenged the power of Spain, the might of Her Majesty’s Britannic Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte’s invincible army, and defeated them all.

Spirit is the story about the awe-inspiring power of a people’s will to be free.

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