Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation

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Utilizing the documentary film 13 Percent as the catalyst to promote unscripted  commentary from the viewing audience, we have launched the Start the Conversation Media Campaign.

Following each live screening of the film,  participant’s comments will be captured on video,  edited to 30 second PSAs (public service announcements), and uploaded to the Start the Conversation website.

Every PSA will also be linked by each participant to over 150 direct contacts from their email address book, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

 PSAs will fall into one of four categories:

  •  Medical
  •  Faith
  •  Political/Social Activist
  •  Media

 Content related blogs will be established for each category to allow viewers to continue the conversation online.

 This will be a month-long film screen campaign will be conducted by having two film screenings per week at targeted medical colleges, churches, city agencies, and local media outlets.

 An anticipated 20 PSAs and 3,000 new viewers will be attracted to the Start the Conversation website each week. By the end of the month long Atlanta Start the Conversation Film Screening Campaign 80 PSAs will be posted to the website, and 16,000 new people will become engaged in discussion on the silent pandemic that is slowly consuming America’s black and Latino communities.

Start the Conversation PSA 1


Start the Conversation PSA 2


Another salient feature of the Start the Conversation Media Campaign is the creation of our “mascot” that personifies this disease in a way that young people will be able to relate to. Below is the first in a series of  “You know me… I’m Mr. HIV,” poster and PSA campaign.

Mr. HIV Sample 1a 300x168 Start the Conversation

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