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Daoud 2 300x200 Our Team
Daoud Bowling, Camera Operator.
Warmth and focus to detail is an all important attribute required of f key camera operator. Daoud is ever engaging and intently listens to client’s needs to tastefully capture their vision on film.

Shel 2 Our Team













Shelly Steele, Producer                                                                                 Organized, imaginative, and most efficient, Shelly is there to walk clients through each and every phase of their vision to ensure accurate understanding of their needs. Her seasoned skills in marketing ensures that our client’s needs are met while guiding them through strategies to garner the greatest possible visibility.

Pauleka5 200x300 Our Team

Pauleka Cooper, Camera, Production Assistant
Pauleka is a woman with boundless imagination matched by strong graphic design and plethora of technical media skills to match. An amazing talent, her keen eye gives dynamic form to all we create 

 Art Jones R320 D50per 194x200 Our Team

Art Jones, Director

Art Jones came to the production field as a talented artist turned photojournalist who covered the streets of New York City for three years capturing a wide range of news events. During this time he freelanced for the Daily News, the New York Times, and the Amsterdam News.

Art later worked as a studio photographer, covering major magazine spreads, wrote the script for a Skippy Peanut Butter commercial, and, serving as production assistant on Multiplications Rock (ABC Network) forerunner to the hit educational cartoon series, Schoolhouse Rock), launched onto an illustrious career in the world of children educational production.

As director, writer and producer with Dream Factory, Art has spearheaded the production of several thought provoking documentary films. The groundbreaking film Models of Success,
followed the career path of three dynamic Arab women from Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain led to an invitation to build Ahlia University’s HD Media Production Center, Bahrain, and the design of a degree granting curriculum in Visual Communications.















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